Ace Commodity Exchange (ACE)

As India has entered a new phase wherein its markets are opening up more, allowing participants to be exposed to global commodity risk, there is a growing need to bridge the current gap through more entrants in the Indian commodity exchange space.

Kotak Anchored, Ace Derivatives and Commodity Exchange Limited is a screen based online derivatives exchange for commodities in India. Ace Commodity Exchange earlier known as Ahmedabad Commodity Exchange has been in existence for more than 5 decades in Commodity Business, bringing in the best and transparent Business Practices in the Indian commodity space. The Kotak group brings in more than 25 years of financial expertise and has pioneered many business practices existing in the financial services industry. With Ace, Kotak Group brings to the commodity market a new, state-of-the-art trading platform which combines the operational efficiency of global exchanges with deep domain expertise in each commodity vertical.

Following the Kotak Group’s legacy of transparency in their dealings and providing the best solution to the market participants, Ace provides the confidence of trading on a world-class platform to manage risks and reduce complexities of commodity prices.

With the lowest latency trading platform, Ace Commodity Exchange sets the industry benchmark for quicker trade synchronization and price information broadcast. Product innovation has always been central to Ace, bringing forward a basket of products that align to leading exchanges worldwide.

In addition to its convenient trading platform, Ace Commodity Exchange provides a robust clearing & settlement infrastructure that supports the complete process of trade intermediation – including registration of trades, settlement of contracts and mitigation of counter-party risk; giving traders the peace of mind in times of increased market volatility.